Quick Start for .NET Developers

Quick Start for .NET Developers

Photino.NET and Photino.Blazor are available as NuGet packages for .NET developers. However, we recommend installing the Photino Project Templates and using those as a starting point for learning as well as for developing new projects.


The only dependency on all operating systems is the .NET SDK.

On Linux this cannot be installed through the Snap package manager and must be installed using the scripted install method described here.

On Windows 10, the Edge Dev Channel version needs to be installed from Microsoft Edge Insider.

Visual Studio Users

Visual Studio users should install the Visual Studio Photino Project Templates Extension and search for Photino in the New Project dialog.

dotnet CLI Users

dotnet CLI and Visual Studio Code users should install the Photino for .NET CLI and VS Code Project Templates NuGet Package.

# Install .NET templates
$ dotnet new -i TryPhotino.VSCode.Project.Templates

# See a list of available templates
$ dotnet new -l

# Navigate to the folder in which to create a new sub-folder for the new project
$ cd MyProjects

# Create a new sample app from the Photino.HelloPhotino.NET template
# A folder will be created to match your -o parameter
$ dotnet new photinoapp -o MyPhotinoApp

# Navigate into the new folder you just created
$ cd MyPhotinoApp

# Run the application
$ dotnet run

Sample Project Templates

The following templates are available and new samples are being added: