# Overview

Photino is a set of technologies for creating desktop apps with web (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) UIs. TryPhotino.io maintains the .NET build out and encourages the community to develop the Photino.Native control for use in other languages and platforms. We encourage and will support development of Photino.CPP, Photino.Rust, Photino.Go and others.

Use Photino with your favorite web framework.


Quick Start for .NET Developers

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The Photino Family


C++ wrapper around the OS's default browser control on Windows, Mac and Linux which creates a native OS window, places the browser control in it and exposes both the window and control to the host application.


.NET implementation of the Photino.Native control (beginning with .NET 5). Allows .NET developers to develop .NET applications that host a Photino.Native window for hosting a UI written in HTML/CSS/JavaScript.


Extension of Photino.NET that adds Blazor functionality to the Photino.Native hosted UI.
NOTE: Photino.Blazor has been updated by the community and now requires .NET 6.


A collection of starter applications for .NET developers that highlights various web UI frameworks and capabilities suitable for learning Photino and for use as starting points for new projects. The installable project templates described are the preferred way to create these samples, though they can also be downloaded as .zip files.


Photino License Information